David Pawson - ‘Unlocking the Bible’ Podcast

Ezra and Nehemiah - part 2 - Unlocking The Bible

March 16, 2021

Part 26 of the David Pawson 'Unlocking the Bible' Podcast series 

In this talk, David Pawson gives more emphasis to the book of Nehemiah – the story of the man of prayer and faith given permission to return to Jerusalem to organize the rebuilding. Despite opposition, he encouraged the returned exiles to do the work while armed to ward off attack. They completed the repair of ancient Jerusalem’s wall in 52 days because ‘the people had a will to work’. Nehemiah had to deal with internal economic and moral woes as well as external threats and conspiracy. Ezra arranged the public reading of God’s Word so that the people would have an understanding, and had the people renew their Covenant with the Lord. David Pawson compares the two leaders, Ezra and Nehemiah, and says we need both types of men. He says if Ezra was the Bible man, Nehemiah was the prayer man, but he was also practical and didn’t mind putting his hand to cementing. David says he thinks we should be inspired by Scriptural characters, emulating what’s good in them and avoiding their mistakes if we can. Overall, we are looking at the story of God and his people. And God kept his promises to both punish their wrongdoing and to bless their repentance. David reveals the thread of Scripture.

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