David Pawson - ’Unlocking the Bible’ Podcast

Job - part 2 - Unlocking The Bible

April 14, 2021

Part 29 of the David Pawson 'Unlocking the Bible' Podcast series 

David Pawson says that the book of Job consists largely of two debates, one in heaven and one on earth. As in any particular case of suffering, nobody knows the whole picture. David says the real question is not about undeserved suffering, but whether you can go on believing in a good God when everything is going wrong. He says that Job’s real pain was that through the suffering he lost touch with God. Several friends came and sat with Job which was good – until they opened their mouths and gave him their own human wisdom – and some of their arguments are still being used today. They all saw that Job could not be innocent since he was suffering so much. Each man was trying to force Job’s situation into their own preconceived ideas; this is bigotry. Job responds to each of his friends by acknowledging that God has visited this suffering upon him, but he can’t repent because he is not aware of any sin. He calls upon God to visit him so he can argue his case with him. When God finally responds, he shows that Job had been discrediting him to justify himself. Job repents of this arrogance, he is at last back in touch with the Lord, and the Lord blessed Job amazingly.

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