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Psalms - part 1 - Unlocking The Bible

April 14, 2021

Part 31 of the David Pawson 'Unlocking the Bible' Podcast series 

David Pawson says that, though the Psalms were written over a period of a thousand years, and two and a half thousand years ago, they speak to us as though written yesterday. They were really the Jewish hymn book, divided into 5 sections. And  David points out that when we praise or pray we are doing so as part of the Body of believers. However, there are personal psalms as well. They cover almost everything you could possibly want to say to God and express 3 particular attitudes: Pleas, Thanks and Sorry. They range in feelings from deep grief to anger, frustration and great joy. It is the most quoted Old Testament book in the New Testament. Over half the psalms were penned by King David and his life story can be traced through the psalms. One group of psalms – 22 to 24 – should be taken together and present us with the Lord who is first of all Saviour, then Shepherd and then Sovereign. David says, until you’ve been to the cross and found him as your Saviour, you have no right whatever to regard him as your Shepherd. This follows on to recognize that he is also the King of Glory who is coming as our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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